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This chart ranks countries by the average speed of public WiFi networks.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.statista.com

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Kim Komando: Make Wi-Fi network safe for kids The Desert Sun Kim Komando: Make Wi-Fi network safe for kids. For filtering an entire network, the program you want is called OpenDNS Family Shield.

Source: www.desertsun.com Thanks to Kim Komando  (is that her real name?) for this timely tip! We all want cyber safety & security for our kids. She offers excellent tips on her website. See @Coolwired on Twitter. Thanks for visiting! bird_followme

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From hackers stealing your bank passwords to rogue public wi-fi connections these are the 25 scariest things you didn’t know about using public wi-fi.

Coolwired‘s insight:

Be extra careful when using `free` WiFi.

It is not always safe. Read this!

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I am pleased to announce that I have received the Inventive Blogger award! For more information, check it out  here: ­­­


Thanks to Cteachr for nominating me!

Her blog is Turning My World Upside Down, on WordPress. Here is the link:


There she blogs about her  Australian Teacher Exchange, her world travels, as well as many sumptuous recipes geared to a healthy lifestyle. I am honoured to receive this great award.

I will pass this award on to other inventive bloggers, in the near future!

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