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Via Scoop.itSocial Media: Changing Our World of Education
Yes, count ’em! 25 awesome Library Apps for your iPad.

Be prepared to spend some fun, quality time, exploring these apps.

Libraries may be a symbol of long gone times for the rest of us, but they are a huge part of a student’s life. They are transitioning into Learning Commons, going beyond huge warehouse storage spaces to lively, interactive learning places for today’s young people.

Via savedelete.com


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Avast, AVG, Avira, Comodo, Combofix, Malwarebytes …more!

totally free antivirus programsNobody needs or wants a sick computer!

 Check out this very informative article . It even contains  free downloads, & other users’ comments! It also has links to other really useful info (like how to remove viruses from your home computer, & how to tell if someone is using your wireless connection).

We need all the internet security we can get! The best one, however, isn’t one you can download. See why, for yourself!

The 10 Best Free Anti-Virus Programs  http://bit.ly/9WkDC7

Credit: Justin Pot, writing at makeuseof.com

@Coolwired, for more info-to-go! Psst! Pass it on!

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For your current hockey updates:

iPhone Screenshot 1The NHL recently shipped an iPhone application called NHL Ice Time 2010. These are the main screens from the app. No hockey fan should be without it. You can thank me later! 🙂

See here: http://bit.ly/d87cOT

Credit: Guy Kawasaki writing at AllTop.

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Many thanks to Cameron Chapman, for this extensive and well-written article, about the history of social media,
at DesignerDepot.

See if you recognize some of the precursors of modern day social media. This is a great article for experienced bloggers and newbies alike! Cameron writes for DesignerDepot, & Mashable..

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   Take a good look at this!

 Delicious, Digg, Facebook,Friendfeed, LinkedIn,Mixx, Twitter,Yelp, YouTube…

    Some are exploding over 1 year, from May 2008-May 2009 !

  • Facebook: up ?? %
  • MySpace:  down ?%
  • Twitter:     up  ?? %
  • LinkedIn:  up ??%    Check them out now!

    We have Brian Solis to thank for these important statistics. Check out his very informative article , for stats on user’s age, gender, education, & children here:


   This information will be very useful for business, education, and more.

    Follow me on Twitter @Coolwired for more info on social media sites!

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 Matt Jurmann wrote this chromaticsites article:


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   Here is an excellent article for all of you , hoping to go viral on Twitter. It is from Dan Zarrella.


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