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Use Google Docs to Convert Images and PDFs to Editable Text #edtech http://t.co/mdKT41bjpy via @medkh9

Source: www.educatorstechnology.com Google Docs offer so many possibilities and solutions for Educational Technology. Thanks to @medkh9 for this !

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See on Scoop.itSocial Media: Changing Our World of Education

Do you think a mobile app could really improve the learning of a student no matter the age? This visual guide walks you through what you should know.

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    This excellent article, from Edudemic,  includes an interesting Infographic for Parents and Educators, about the influence of mobile technology on learning.

See on www.edudemic.com




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See on Scoop.itSocial Media: Changing Our World of Education

The Top 100 Tools for Learning was compiled from the votes of over 500 learning professionals in workplace learning and education from 48 countries worldwide in (@lia_ciocirlia You need to see the 2013 version http://t.co/S6A3ec0cr5)…

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Jane Hart’s outstanding List of Best Learning Tools for 2013!

Be prepared to delve into each of these.

See on www.slideshare.net

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VuVox ,  Prezi , Voicethread, Slide.com, WordPress, Ning

                J. Steltz, an 18 year veteran teacher, shares his classroom leap into the use of educational technology. He discusses his letting go of some control, in order to allow his students to explore these new media. He even includes  student work, such as  the slide show on PhotoPeach: “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

See for yourself!  >>> http://bit.ly/d4KL45

If you are interested in 21st Century Learning Skills, then you absolutely must check out his great blog! Here comes the future! Are you ready?

“Here are the rest of the tools, the tools that didn’t make the top 10 list, that were used in my classroom in the past 18 weeks:     (J. Steltz)

Animoto, 280Slides, Scrapblog, Glogster, Wix, Google.docs, SpringNote, WallWisher, WikiSpaces, WetPaint, DabbleBoard, SmileBox, FlipBook, YouTube, TeacherTube, Bomomo, GoAnimate, Gliffy, Webs.com, Mind42, Delicious, ShapeCollage, FamilyEcho, Wordle, Create.ly, and PhotoVisi “.

Credit: JSteltz, teacher, writing his own blog, @ WordPress.com

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