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The market for mobile educational apps is exploding. Advertisements pop up in your social media stream, and hardly a conversation goes by without your friends showing you the “newest” thing. But how can you pick the best apps for your kids? 1) Evaluate Your Tech Foundation First, take a good look at your family’s tech […]

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Parents /Teachers:

This is an especially helpful site to help you evaluate/test/ and choose  great apps for your children & students. Try it yourself!

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Here is another excellent article from Richard Byrne!

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FETC Virtual will immerse you in the latest, most successful education technologies and services. (Teachers-Check out the 2012 FETC Virtual Conference! It’s FREE-starts tomorrow!

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The 101 best web 2.0 tools for teachers based on functionality, application, ease of use and compatibility with educational technology.

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MentorMob is a Learning Playlist platform that allows educators to curate, collaborate on, and share any kind of content. Articles, videos, PDFs, images, Google Docs, etc. can be easily organized into Playlists and assigned to students in a traditional or flipped classroom setting. Teachers can track student progress and students can ask questions with the social interaction feature on the site.
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