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Technophobes may have hailed the death of the book with the advent of TV decades ago, but studies show we’re bigger readers now than ever.

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Here is a great list of excellent books for parents, teachers and librarians to share with kids who are learning to read! As a parent, my main goal when reading aloud to my kids is not to teach my kids to read.

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With a New Year comes new opportunities!

 Our world is an exciting place in a constant state of flux!

This is especially true in the world of education and learning.

Just consider these changes:

  •  mobile devices
  • wireless connectivity
  • technological revolution
  • digital storage
  • cloud computing

       I suggest that we make these technologies available to our young people, as soon as possible. (After all, they  will need  to expertly use them, in a world of work, where many careers are not even invented yet! )

      Today’s Teens are especially adept at adopting this type of change. Just ask them to program your TV remote control. You know what I mean!  🙂

Meeting Them Where They Are: Engaging Digital Natives!

     By 21 years of age, Digital Natives have spent an estimated 20,000 hours watching TV; 10,000 hours playing video games; 10,000 talking on cell phones; watched more than 500,000 commercials; sent more that 250,000 emails and texts; and spent a mere 5,000 (often less) hours reading! (Prensky; 2001) ”

   This is disturbing to me, since they will navigate the Information Highway, at breakneck speeds, without reading the warning signs. Yes, technology is exciting! Yet it has its dangers and pitfalls too.

See my last blog post about Cyber bullying.

     We cannot possibly envisage all the future holds for them.  However, it is in everyone’s best interests , that we promote the vast potential of our young people. Who knows what marvellous new inventions they will discover?

      21st Century Learning skills they will need :

  •  critical thinking
  •  database searching
  •  communicating
  •  collaborating
  •  problem solving 

           Feel free to post your comments, about this topic.

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Adding Value To Reading

Do you agree that digital media will not replace physical books?

     What would Marshall McLuhan say about digital media?

The medium is the message”. (Is Twitter both the medium & content?)


Federman, M. (2004, July 23). What is the Meaning of the Medium is the Message? Retrieved <DATE> from http://individual.utoronto.ca/markfederman/article_mediumisthemessage.htm

Weigh in on this one. Leave your comments. Thnx!


Credit: Gerd Leonhard, writing @ mediafuturist

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