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Via Scoop.itSocial Media: Changing Our World of Education

Special Education has its own specific requirements. You asked…..and we listened! We are so excited to bring you our apps for Special Education list. Starting with just 60 of our favourites (It was SO hard to…

Via www.spectronicsinoz.com

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Parking spaces, e-payments, communications, education, libraries & more!

Here they come:

  • mobile devices
  • digital natives
  • personal robots
  • satellite communications/GPS/touch cells
  • electronic banking/payments


Credit: Erica Swallow writes this informative post @Mashable.


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Here is another excellent website, which discusses the serious problem of cyberbullies.

It has some specific preventative strategies for parents, teachers,  and young people.

It discusses several practical ways to change the culture, in schools, as well as ideas for changing the laws.

This is a serious problem, which can escalate, if left unchecked. Depression, suicide, beatings and  murder are potential outcomes nobody wants to see.

Take action now!

Check out the very informative site below:


You’ll be glad you did. Your kids will thank you.

Credit:     DEBBIE CAFAZZO; Staff writer @ The News Tribune: Education News, Tacoma, WA  

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Remember the terrible earthquake in Haiti?

Remember my post about Emergency Preparedness? No. Well, that’s ok!  Here is that link again:


Now check out this great news story!

 MSNBC  tells of Dan Woolley, an unfortunate fellow, saved by keeping his wits about him- & by using his iPhone! Smart guy!

Read More : http://bit.ly/99EDev

Credit: Brian X. Chen writing for wired.com

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From: alatechsource.org    Thanks for this!

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 From CBC News:

Google alerts Canadians about  Street View Filming.

Cities where Google will be filming:

  • Calgary.
  • Edmonton.
  • Halifax.
  • Montreal.
  • Ottawa.
  • Quebec City.
  • Saint John.
  • Saskatoon.
  • Toronto.
  • Vancouver.
  • Winnipeg.

What about privacy concerns?


 Is Big Brother watching? Is it already too late? See for yourself!

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1Million Acts of Green

1Million Acts of Green



 Summer fun means more opportunities for all of us to:

             “Think Globally,  & Act Locally”!

    Cisco started this Green Challenge, in Canada, through the national TV network, on  CBC . Since October, 2008, I have registered and “committed”  over 345 Acts of Green  to help reduce my carbon footprint. Yes, I’m a greener! Can’t you tell?

   Now you, too, can get involved at:


    The One Million Acts of Green Challenge movement is spreading globally!  Now is the time to act. Why should we care?

   Well, we’re all in this together, & good planets are hard to find!

    Don’t you agree? Tell us about one of your Acts of Green.

            (I shall soon be writing a guest post  about this for Sheila Atwood’s Newbie’s Lifeline Blog.)


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