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See on Scoop.itSocial Media: Changing Our World of Education

Mobile Technology Takeover?

Look around at any restaurant or mall and it’s easy to see: adults are always connected to their mobile devices. But as this technology becomes even more ingrained in our lives, what can we expect for our children? Studies show that – used wisely – technology can be an important part of their everyday lives as well.

Check out the infographic below to see how mobile technology is integrated into the lives of even the youngest kids.

Coolwired‘s insight:

  Mobile technology is still so new, in education. It is everywhere in our daily lives, but what are the effects on children’s

learning skills? How does it affect their social attitudes and physical growth? The Pros and Cons are still being studied and determined. Tell me what you think.

Credit: Katie Lepi on edudemic.com. The infographic contains a lot of data, presented in a visual format.


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 Cyberbullying does exist . Beware!

  • How do you prepare children and teens for the ubiquitous cyber world, better known as cyberspace?
  • You want them to be safe, while surfing the net.
  • You want them to avoid the pitfalls and dangers which quietly lurk there.

        You need to teach them now!

       Here is a timely article with appropriate techniques for helping parents to deal with this insidious crime:


Credit:Jessica Toothman, writing @ The Learning Channel, How Stuff Works

It discusses some threatening methods used by cyberbullies, such as:

  • rumors
  • stalking
  • text messages
  • e-mails
  • photos

 As the song  by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young says: “Teach your children well…” 

This alternate link is for helping  Teachers:


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Summer Drink: "Vicar's Delight" by TowerGirl. 

***Guest post by VD Sudeep***


5 drinks to quench your thirst this summer!!!! 

     Summer has officially started in the Northern Hemispere. Here, in Canada, we are now suddenly facing a climate of 30 degrees Celsius or more . The crazy sun which normally we Canadians love to bake our selves  in, is now in our own back yard troubling us . Iced coffee, pop, sun cream, sun glasses all are back in fashion. As the sale of Ice Frappucino has started to increase at Starbucks , I am sitting here and can tell you that Summer has definitelybegun .
 Sunstroke , thirst , early fatigue , decreased appetites  are also routine for the day. We are searching for some thing that can be healthy , nourishing ,and a thirst quencher for us and our kids . Moms say:

” My son has cold, ohh well I know he plays in the sun and then he comes home and gulps down bottles of cold water with ice. I am sure that’s
what bothers him. Pop does not quench his thirst at all .What are some enjoyable drinks that I can get to help these kids
quench their thirst?”
For all those mothers and healthy adults who would like to have some nice options , here are a few of the solutions.

1] Water :

  Yes water by itself will help us quench our thirst, just plain tap water or room temperature water . According to Ayurveda water does exhibit different properties at different  temperature zones .Plain water or water at room temperature could be as invigorating , energetic as any thing else . Just try to sipping it and drinking it rather than gulping it down . Make sure you enjoy each sip of it and you will see that you can easily quench your thirst in the long run .

2] Lime water or Lemon water:

  The basic drink of many North American entrepreneurs is lemon water. Many kids have sold this in their school days to just learn trade. Though being so simple, it is still such a fascinating nourishing drink.
Ayurveda describes three tastes that are nourishing to any person in this climate of summer heat .They are Sweet, Sour and Salty. What is lemon water?  it has sugar in it which is sweet. It has lemon in it which is sour in taste and it has a pinch of salt in it .Remember in summer climate we do lose a lot of our energy in perspiration, so are sodium and chlorine molecules from the sweet. Its same elements we try to get back with this cooling drink namely Lemon water.

3] Coconut water :

 Namely known as the elixir for the tropical people , its a very common drink in such countries  as India , the Caribbean
and Mexico too .For those people who travel to the third world , looking for some alternative drink ,which is safe other than bottled water, Coconut water would be your answer.

 A source of water in an actual fruit or nut whatever you call is considering high source of calcium, potassium sodium and chlorine in the plant kingdom. Because of the same combination of sweet, some sour and some salty you would find this water being also favored by many nutritional expert as a sports drink. No Fat content and high potassium is what appeals  to them .So the next time you play outdoor or exercise in summer make sure you have a glass of Coconut water.

4] Fresh juice from seasonal fruits:

 Try quenching your thirst  with nice freshly squeezed juices of many seasonal fruits, such as oranges, apples, and water melon,or some vegetables like carrots. Try it. You would be amazed at how much your body would love those juices compared to any thing else. Not only would  also get more benefit from different properties of fruit or vegetable used, but also you would satisfy  your hunger in one way or another. Yes Hunger because as I have said before that in summer we drink so much water that our appetite is lower and then what would be nice is  to just drink juices that can fill our stomach and our thirst too.

5] Milk:

 Another liquid which is loved as much as it has been hated because of lactose allergy issue for many in this part of the world .Thus this comes at the end of my list of liquids to have in summer .Warm milk or even room temperature milk would be  nourishing for you and your kids  for not just the thirst aspect , but also the nourishing aspect of it .Try it if you are not vegan or allergic to it .

 Lastly to add few more hints, why not try some soaked cranberries and raisins after each time you feel thirsty? They both according to Ayurveda , have properties to quench one’s thirst and be helpful.

Thanks to Coolwired for allowing me to write my guest post on this blog.



Sudeep Chitnis works as an Ayurvedic Consultant and also blogs in his spare time from Canada . Do visit his blog or his twitter page
 Sudeep Chitnis Blog: http://www.e-swastya.com

Follow Sudeep on Twitter @vdsudeep http://twitter.com/vdsudeep

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   There are many people now beginning to realize that we really do need to “do something “about saving our planet.

 It`s the only one we have – so let`s take better care of it!  Check out some of these amazing bloggers,who are doing their part, to raise public awareness.

   Cameron Chapman writes about 75  green environmentalists, on Twitter. Check out her post  on the Mashable Blog.


   One of the more well-known is former American Vice-President, Al Gore. Yes, that Al Gore!

Love him or hate him, you have to agree that  he is quite influential in the world of business and politics.  

He was involved with  Live Earth and the  Twestival on Twitter to raise over $200,000. for wells to supply fresh drinking water, for people in developing counties.

 Now that`s progress! He is not just talking about the environment, he is doing something to share its resources, without causing more pollution.

There are more notable environmentalists at Twitter.

I particularly like David Suzuki.  This spunky little man, looks like the proverbial mad scientist. No, he is not crazy. He is constantly raising awareness and educating people about our environment, and it`s need for our help! He was (& still is) very involved with the One million Acts of Green program, sponsored by Cisco Systems. This movement started in Canada, but now has  people registered from all over the world!

There are many others. Are you one of them?

   Keep smiling, people will wonder what you have been up to!

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    I am writing this post to help newbies and experienced bloggers, alike, explore some of the amazing ways people use Twitter.

   From marriage proposals to a call for help during a suicide attempt, the 140 characters of Twitter are there!

 This interesting article cames to us from  Ben Parr, including over  125 comments.

  See for yourself, here:  http://mashable.com/2009/04/10/extraordinary-twitter-updates/

    This new social media, Twitter  is changing the world, 140 characters at a time! Please leave a comment here, if you have seen Twitter used in any other unusual ways.

   Thanks for reading my blog.  🙂

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1Million Acts of Green

1Million Acts of Green



 Summer fun means more opportunities for all of us to:

             “Think Globally,  & Act Locally”!

    Cisco started this Green Challenge, in Canada, through the national TV network, on  CBC . Since October, 2008, I have registered and “committed”  over 345 Acts of Green  to help reduce my carbon footprint. Yes, I’m a greener! Can’t you tell?

   Now you, too, can get involved at:


    The One Million Acts of Green Challenge movement is spreading globally!  Now is the time to act. Why should we care?

   Well, we’re all in this together, & good planets are hard to find!

    Don’t you agree? Tell us about one of your Acts of Green.

            (I shall soon be writing a guest post  about this for Sheila Atwood’s Newbie’s Lifeline Blog.)


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   Hi Friends!

    Let me introduce you to Sheila Atwood, another online social media blogger, who hails from the mountains of Utah! Her extensive blog can be found here:


   Be sure to check out her Your Guide Section!

I am certain you will like it.  Trust me, on this one!   

 She is my star in the 31DBBB Challenge! 😉

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