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Tons of educational iPad apps organized by grade levels and categories.

Coolwired‘s insight:

Here comes another excellent source of iPad apps, just in time for the weekend! Enjoy.

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Global Education Collaborative


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The State of Social Media  2012  is seen in this great Infographic.

It succinctly illustrates the monthly growth of Social Media during 2012!
The State of Social Media 2012 by The SEO Company
The State of Social Media 2012 by The SEO Company

Credit: SEO Company. Thanks  to Jane Hart, for posting this link.

I would like to have seen information about the effect of Social Media on Education.”


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Human Curators,  (not Bots) !

Are humans being replaced or pushed out by Bots and Spiders?

With so much information out there, on the web, we have to come to grips with the staggering effects of Information Overload.  (See my other post on this topic- which is even more relevant today, than when I first wrote about it, last year!) 🙂

Steve Rosenbaum examines these three wonderful  apps for curators:

  1. Paper.li (related articles found through Twitter). See my Paper.li curated news here: http://paper.li/Coolwired/1307374952
  2. Storify (Write your own words.)
  3. Pinterested (visual pics) Request an Invitation.

Take a few minutes to explore these apps. You will find them quite interesting!

I think human curators are more important than ever! Enter  Librarians(those Information Specialists who can classify and find what you need to know)!!


[P.S. bagtheweb is another curating site I really like.

You can see my Bagging For Education  curated posts featured here:

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Credit: Steve Rosenbaum, writing @ Mashable


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