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The market for mobile educational apps is exploding. Advertisements pop up in your social media stream, and hardly a conversation goes by without your friends showing you the “newest” thing. But how can you pick the best apps for your kids? 1) Evaluate Your Tech Foundation First, take a good look at your family’s tech […]

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Parents /Teachers:

This is an especially helpful site to help you evaluate/test/ and choose  great apps for your children & students. Try it yourself!

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Set up a kid-friendly iPad-just in time for Summer Holidays!

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Before handing over your iPad to a kid, it’s best to do some parental preparation. In this Macworld Video, Scholle Sawyer McFarland offers some tips.

Coolwired‘s insight:

Here is an excellent site for Parents! Technology is changing so quickly.

Keep your children safe online. 🙂

Thanks to Scholle Sawyer McFarland, Sr. Editor at Macworld.

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RT @SNewco: RT @Punflaykids: 100 iPad Apps Perfect For Middle School http://t.co/NYz8aBbX #mlearning #edtech… This should keep you busy for a while!

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Discover the tools and techniques today’s teachers and classrooms are using to prepare students for tomorrow — and how you can get involved. Your children deserve it!

Edutopia is a well-respected educational site, offering extensive information for interested parents. Be prepared to spend some valuable time here!”

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