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DeanHristov: What’s the Future for #MobileDevices in the #Classroom? http://t.co/EaTlucHruq #EdTech http://t.co/i6ryFeLJ5l #BigData #Io…

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From hackers stealing your bank passwords to rogue public wi-fi connections these are the 25 scariest things you didn’t know about using public wi-fi.

Coolwired‘s insight:

Be extra careful when using `free` WiFi.

It is not always safe. Read this!

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I am pleased to announce that I have received the Inventive Blogger award! For more information, check it out  here: ­­­


Thanks to Cteachr for nominating me!

Her blog is Turning My World Upside Down, on WordPress. Here is the link:


There she blogs about her  Australian Teacher Exchange, her world travels, as well as many sumptuous recipes geared to a healthy lifestyle. I am honoured to receive this great award.

I will pass this award on to other inventive bloggers, in the near future!

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The 31 Educational Web Tools Every Teacher Should Know about http://t.co/59INLRKX0e #edchat #edtech #msedchat

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Ed Tech: the future is here now!

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See on Scoop.it#LearningCommons Here are some of the best apps!

11 BYOD Apps That Keep The Focus On Content (RT @TeachThought: 11 BYOD Apps To Help Keeping The Focus On Content http://t.co/BYLtVgcEZs #edtech #byod)…

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********  Happy World Teachers Day to all my fellow educators! October 5, 2013.

Click on the above link to discover a wonderful article , from Richard Byrne.

It just shows you the dedication of teachers. He wrote it in July!

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Via Scoop.itSocial Media: Changing Our World of Education

“The mobile learning device of the future won’t be a separate piece of equipment. Rather, mobile learning in the future will be an active part of the student’s world. Smartphones, televisions, tablets, in-car telematics and even household appliances will always be connected to the student’s academic life.”
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This is a great article about (what else?) mobile phone apps for WordPress. 

It covers all kinds of interesting news about mobile apps.

You can also see comments by other people. Be sure to add your own comments here.


Credit: Thanks to Ranaan Bar-Cohen,writing for WordPress.


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Mobile Marketer's Mobile Outlook 2010

Free report:  Mobile Outlook 2010

   This well-written, extensive report (46 page pdf ) delves deeply into the weak and strong points of mobile communications, for 2010. You will need some time to read it all, but it is a worthwhile read!

Get it here!  http://bit.ly/bN4YtA
Credit: Mickey Alam Khan , writing  for  the Mobile Marketer blog.

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This is another post for the #p52 Writing Challenge.

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