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Images of devastation in Haiti dominated news media, in 2010!

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  1. Haiti- a race against time !

This amazing report comes to us from the Boston Globe. We can only guess and imagine the horror felt by Haitians, during and after the devastating earthquake, there.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. I agree. Take a look at these shocking photos, for yourself. I warn you that some pics are very difficult to view.


Photo credits: Reuters; American Red Cross; Getty Images; AP Photos; & more.


2. Haiti: Finding Missing People

The New York Times posted an interactive site to help people find missing relatives here:



   3. Mobile Emergency Preparedness

My other relevant blog post is this one, about the critical importance of mobile emergency preparedness. This is becoming more important every day. Whether it be during a winter snow storm or an every-day auto accident, social media  can be a life-saver ( literally)!

Credit: Mollie Vandor, Mashable

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Human Curators,  (not Bots) !

Are humans being replaced or pushed out by Bots and Spiders?

With so much information out there, on the web, we have to come to grips with the staggering effects of Information Overload.  (See my other post on this topic- which is even more relevant today, than when I first wrote about it, last year!) 🙂

Steve Rosenbaum examines these three wonderful  apps for curators:

  1. Paper.li (related articles found through Twitter). See my Paper.li curated news here: http://paper.li/Coolwired/1307374952
  2. Storify (Write your own words.)
  3. Pinterested (visual pics) Request an Invitation.

Take a few minutes to explore these apps. You will find them quite interesting!

I think human curators are more important than ever! Enter  Librarians(those Information Specialists who can classify and find what you need to know)!!


[P.S. bagtheweb is another curating site I really like.

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Credit: Steve Rosenbaum, writing @ Mashable


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Parking spaces, e-payments, communications, education, libraries & more!

Here they come:

  • mobile devices
  • digital natives
  • personal robots
  • satellite communications/GPS/touch cells
  • electronic banking/payments


Credit: Erica Swallow writes this informative post @Mashable.


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 10  Settings for Facebook:   apps, sharing,connecting and more!

This timely article comes from  Stan Shroeder, writing @ Mashable. It has many valuable tips for you, regarding the ever-growing Facebook. You may already know and use some of these ideas, but I feel that it is always worth exploring new ones.

So, what do you do when you’ve got over 170 options to choose from? ”

Check it out here:


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Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Google Buzz, LinkedIn, Friendfeed,Twitter, YouTube…                                         

Play by the rules!  

      This extensive playbook pdf really delves into the do’s and don’ts of social media. It is great for both business and personal use. Try it.




1)Gracious social media interaction will win you a lot of respect.

2)Give credit, where credit is due, including appropriate links.

Credit: Thanks to Eloqua and the Creative Commons 3 for this great article.      Copyright: Content by JESS3 & Joe Chernov (@jchernov)



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Facebook, Twitter, YouTube… 

Social media is exploding, & changing the way we learn, do business & meet new people!

Matt Silverman writes this great article @ mashable.

Check it out here!


Credit: Matt Silverman, writing @ Mashable.

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 Online reputation, YouTube, iPad, location technology & more!

Social Icons ImageSo you know your social media?

Here is a great collection of essential social media resources, posted by Matt Silverman! You will need more than just a few minutes to sift through all this information. Trust me, on this. 🙂


Credit: Matt Silverman, writing @ Mashable.

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