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The Apps for Kids collection in the App Store makes finding the best iPad and iPhone apps for your kids quicker and easier. Here’s how to find and use it.

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  Just in time for the Ontario Family Day Holiday, here is a great site to help you find highly recommended iPad & iPhone Apps for kids( in case you missed it last August). Be sure to play outside with your kids, too! 🙂


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You can get nearly one-fifth of Apple’s top recommended kids’ apps for free. Cool beans, right? They include the best free games, educational, fun learning and creativity apps for kids. Find them all here. This is a great resource list for Parents and Educators, alike!

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See on Scoop.it#LearningCommons

RT @SNewco: RT @Punflaykids: 100 iPad Apps Perfect For Middle School http://t.co/NYz8aBbX #mlearning #edtech… This should keep you busy for a while!

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See on Scoop.itSocial Media: Changing Our World of Education

Time for another great AppFriday! Some special offers to let you discover many great discounted or free apps for your kids. Fun Educational Apps wishes you a Happy AppFriday!

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Via Scoop.itSocial Media: Changing Our World of Education

Lusting after Google’s glasses?Here are 15 augmented reality apps you can get now…You have to see this! It’s all coming so quickly. Welcome to the Future…again!!

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Parking spaces, e-payments, communications, education, libraries & more!

Here they come:

  • mobile devices
  • digital natives
  • personal robots
  • satellite communications/GPS/touch cells
  • electronic banking/payments


Credit: Erica Swallow writes this informative post @Mashable.


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Cool new Airport App For Your iPhone or iPad!

Don’t you just hate last minute changes to your flight transfer? Trying to find info in a strange airport is horrible! I know.

With this cool Flightboard app, you can easily find  your gate information and know where you’re going before even getting to the terminal.

Check it out here:    http://geekbeat.tv/flightboard/

Credit: Dave Peterson in GeekbeatTV blog

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