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Giving a webinar or remote presentation? These tips will help you engage your audience even w…

Source: blog.prezi.com

This is a solution to a common presentation problem.


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6 Strategies For Engaging Boys In The Classroom

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    Here are six concrete, realistic teaching strategies, geared specifically towards boys. Take a close look at the Infogram. You might be surprised at the results shown there!

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No boy left behind

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How To Use Evernote

See on Scoop.itSocial Media: Changing Our World of Education

“Why do you want to use Evernote? There’s a lot I could say, but to begin I’ll say one thing: I willingly opened up my wallet to pay for a premium subscription to Evernote. I can count on one hand how many services have compelled me to do that.”

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Thanks, John, for another amazingly useful Scoop! Use Evernote to find all your online documents, pictures, notes, etc. in one great place.

See on www.makeuseof.com


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Set up a kid-friendly iPad-just in time for Summer Holidays!

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Before handing over your iPad to a kid, it’s best to do some parental preparation. In this Macworld Video, Scholle Sawyer McFarland offers some tips.

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Here is an excellent site for Parents! Technology is changing so quickly.

Keep your children safe online. 🙂

Thanks to Scholle Sawyer McFarland, Sr. Editor at Macworld.

See on www.macworld.com

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How to use Google+ Hangouts



Google+ is Google’s new social networking tool. Once you have created a circle of friends, you can choose to hang out with them on Google+. This allows you to video chat, IM chat, watch YouTube videos together, and more.

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There are some handy tips in this article, about Google+ Hangouts! Enjoy!

See on www.wikihow.com

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Lenny Gonzales By Terry Heick When it comes to deciding how or whether to use iPads, schools typically focus on budget issues, apps, networking logi (RT @isteconnects: Via @MindShiftKQED: 10 Important Questions To Ask Before Using iPads in Class |…

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This is a timely article, for educators and IT Leaders, wanting to deploy iPads in the classroom.

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Personal devices can be a big challenge when they are brought to work.

See on www.infotech.com

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