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DeanHristov: What’s the Future for #MobileDevices in the #Classroom? http://t.co/EaTlucHruq #EdTech http://t.co/i6ryFeLJ5l #BigData #Io…

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Via Scoop.itSocial Media: Changing Our World of Education
Yes, count ’em! 25 awesome Library Apps for your iPad.

Be prepared to spend some fun, quality time, exploring these apps.

Libraries may be a symbol of long gone times for the rest of us, but they are a huge part of a student’s life. They are transitioning into Learning Commons, going beyond huge warehouse storage spaces to lively, interactive learning places for today’s young people.

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Via Scoop.itSocial Media: Changing Our World of Education

If we really want our education systems to prepare students for tomorrow’s digital world, we should worry less about formats and instead focus on what to teach – or what not to teach. A few obvious candidates for omission would be spelling (thanks to spellcheckers), facts (available instantly and everywhere via the internet), and handwriting (who writes by hand these days?). Instead, why not teach them how to filter reliable from unreliable information, an essential skill for the Google generation? Or even how to see through misleading headlines?Do you agree or disagree??

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Parking spaces, e-payments, communications, education, libraries & more!

Here they come:

  • mobile devices
  • digital natives
  • personal robots
  • satellite communications/GPS/touch cells
  • electronic banking/payments


Credit: Erica Swallow writes this informative post @Mashable.


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Self-parking autos already exist. So why are driverless cars so far-fetched?

Google is at it again- trying to change our world!  How cool is that?

Testing is definitely required, here.  I have so many questions about this!

  • Do you see any problems or pitfalls here?
  • Is this too dangerous?
  • Will people abuse these vehicles, by drinking and driving?

Google’s fleet of six autonomous Toyota Priuses and an Audi TT are easily identifiable by a distinctive laser range finder mounted on the roof. The cars also have a variety of radar and camera sensors and a trunkful of computer equipment. ”

Credit: A version of this article appeared in print on May 11, 2011, on page A18 of the New York edition with the headline: Google Lobbies Nevada To Allow Driverless Cars. 


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   Bacteria? Sunlight? CO2?

   If gas prices have you fuming, take heart! These are some of the many possibilities , we may see as alternative sources for automotive fuel are discovered. Biodiesel?Ethanol? Electricity?

 Photo Credit: Preston W. Smith 

Larry Wackett, Professor of Biochemistry  says:

 “CO2 is the major greenhouse gas mediating global climate change, so removing it from the atmosphere is good for the environment. It’s also free. And we can use the same infrastructure to process and transport this new hydrocarbon fuel that we use for fossil fuels.”

Check out this great new research.  There is still hope for us. 🙂

Here comes the future! 


Credit: Jeff Falk, writing @ Futurity.com.

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With a New Year comes new opportunities!

 Our world is an exciting place in a constant state of flux!

This is especially true in the world of education and learning.

Just consider these changes:

  •  mobile devices
  • wireless connectivity
  • technological revolution
  • digital storage
  • cloud computing

       I suggest that we make these technologies available to our young people, as soon as possible. (After all, they  will need  to expertly use them, in a world of work, where many careers are not even invented yet! )

      Today’s Teens are especially adept at adopting this type of change. Just ask them to program your TV remote control. You know what I mean!  🙂

Meeting Them Where They Are: Engaging Digital Natives!

     By 21 years of age, Digital Natives have spent an estimated 20,000 hours watching TV; 10,000 hours playing video games; 10,000 talking on cell phones; watched more than 500,000 commercials; sent more that 250,000 emails and texts; and spent a mere 5,000 (often less) hours reading! (Prensky; 2001) ”

   This is disturbing to me, since they will navigate the Information Highway, at breakneck speeds, without reading the warning signs. Yes, technology is exciting! Yet it has its dangers and pitfalls too.

See my last blog post about Cyber bullying.

     We cannot possibly envisage all the future holds for them.  However, it is in everyone’s best interests , that we promote the vast potential of our young people. Who knows what marvellous new inventions they will discover?

      21st Century Learning skills they will need :

  •  critical thinking
  •  database searching
  •  communicating
  •  collaborating
  •  problem solving 

           Feel free to post your comments, about this topic.

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