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Tweeps You Might like… 




Follow Finder analyzes public social graph information (following and follower lists) on Twitter to find people you might want to follow.   

You must try this!  It’s neat- while albeit,  a little spooky.   

It links Twitter users to others who have similar favorites.   

It shows us, once again, that :   

“Big Brother is watching.”   

Is Google the new “Big Brother”?  You tell me.   

Go ahead & try it.  I dare you! 🙂   http://bit.ly/axeZGw   

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PS. Have you tried www.Simler.com??    






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WeFollow?  Twellow?  TwitterCounter?  TwitterHolic?

Try them all!

One I find interesting is Twittervision, because it gives you an instant picture of where tweets are originating. I wrote about Twittervision in a previous post, here: https://coolwired.wordpress.com/welcome-newbies/

What I like about the author’s article, is that he categorizes the Standouts, and the Rest. See if you agree with him. Comments also lead to other sites.

Twellow is one he mentions, too. It is  a massive directory, which is organized by categories. Happy hunting!


Credit: Thanks to Don Reisinger writing for The Digital Home, posted on cnet.com

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Dunbar #?   Mavens?

This article has some interesting views about following large numbers of people, on Twitter.

The author, Matthew E. May, cites social media expert, Chris Brogan:

  • First, you don’t need to play the forced-choice, quality vs. quantity game — that if you’re in it for the people factor to connect and build relationships where there’s an exchange of value and the currency is knowledge and information — you can beat the Dunbar number.
  • Second, to do that, there are a number of creative ways to leverage that limit. One way is to ensure that you’re in someone else’s 150 by finding the right groups of 150.

If the shoe fits, wear it!  I sure do love futurist, up-to-the minute information!

I guess that makes me a social media maven. Who knew?

Enjoy this great networking  article here:


Credit: Matthew E. May, writing on openforum.com

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#Follow Fridays on Twitter

This game still exists. It is an easy way to find neat new people to follow.

Check out the links below, for more info. Enjoy!



2) Micha Baldwin  The guy who started it all!

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That’s right! Be careful, with this one.

Thanks to Gabe O’Neill for this important alert, about which Twitter Lists you are 0n!


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This extensive list offers quick access to many influential news sources, from around the world, to follow on Twitter. How cool is that?

Thanks to Author,Mani Karthik – a professional blogger and SEO Consultant from India.

For more social media updates



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See who’s  Twittering in American cities!


I wonder when they will have this for cities world wide (other than the quick-movingTwittervision).

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