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“The main argument for developing an e-learning plan has to lie in the benefits it can bring: clarity of purpose and measurable goals for the use of technology for teaching; setting priorities; identifying needs and resources; improved quality of teaching and learning; greater student accessibility; and above all, if done well, buy-in and commitment from faculty, instructors and administrators for the intelligent use of technology for teaching.”
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Technology in education is a hot topic these days!

      This great E-book explores many uses of technology in the classroom, by teachers and students, alike : eg; learning Chinese. Take the time to fully appreciate this work, by a great educator. Set aside some quality time, for this. There are numerous links for you to try. 🙂

Terry Freedman has generously offered this free E-book  for your personal and professional use. Please give credit, when quoting this work.


  Credit: Terry Freedman writing @ http://www.ictineducation.org or on Twitter, @terryfreedman


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VuVox ,  Prezi , Voicethread, Slide.com, WordPress, Ning

                J. Steltz, an 18 year veteran teacher, shares his classroom leap into the use of educational technology. He discusses his letting go of some control, in order to allow his students to explore these new media. He even includes  student work, such as  the slide show on PhotoPeach: “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

See for yourself!  >>> http://bit.ly/d4KL45

If you are interested in 21st Century Learning Skills, then you absolutely must check out his great blog! Here comes the future! Are you ready?

“Here are the rest of the tools, the tools that didn’t make the top 10 list, that were used in my classroom in the past 18 weeks:     (J. Steltz)

Animoto, 280Slides, Scrapblog, Glogster, Wix, Google.docs, SpringNote, WallWisher, WikiSpaces, WetPaint, DabbleBoard, SmileBox, FlipBook, YouTube, TeacherTube, Bomomo, GoAnimate, Gliffy, Webs.com, Mind42, Delicious, ShapeCollage, FamilyEcho, Wordle, Create.ly, and PhotoVisi “.

Credit: JSteltz, teacher, writing his own blog, @ WordPress.com

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