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 Social Media, Global Learning, Probes, Multimedia, Virtual Manipulatives are all here!

    Collaboration is all the rage these days. Students love to collaborate using the latest technological advances, in applications like Google Docs, and Wikis. Groups are set up, which have unique cloudspace data storage, and communication capabilities.

     Security is obviously a concern here.

      New technology brings challenges, just as the use of early telephones did. The exciting transmission of the human voice was overwhelming for many, back then. It didn’t take long for people to get accustomed to telecommunicating,  for business and personal use. How times have changed!

       Granted, there will always be someone who abuses the technology ( just like with guns). Telephones have been used to make crank calls. Now cyber bullying and threats do happen. Parents and teachers have to be extra vigilant about this.

      However, I believe, the benefits far outweigh the risks! Making learning fun is the first prerequisite for our young people. Enabling interactive posters to display student work is a magnet for students. They love to broadcast and share what they learn and believe. Brightly-colored graphics, great YouTube videos, and current  iPod music downloads all add to the  fun! Glogster is a prime example of this. Even Grade 4 students are using it!

      E-books and mobiles are everywhere. What a great time to be a student!

       Check out this timely article: http://on.mash.to/iag0p8

Credit: Sarah Kessler, writing @Mashable.com.

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These are American education statistics- but still relevant information, regarding the future of 21st Century Education everywhere.

Check out the surprising statistics at the bottom of this Infographic.

Is this progress? You tell me. 😉


Credit: The Pajama Pundit

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Cool directory of magazine apps for your mobile!

MPAMagazine Publishers of America.

 Some apps are free, some are not. They work on iPhone, & iPod Touch.

Check it out for yourself! Psst! Pass it on!


Credit: Magazine Publishers of America.

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Here is a  great new report from Jake Hird, at Econsultancy!

“So, I’ve collected as much as I can from my previous insane snippets of data and benchmarked it against the here and now, alongside rooting out some new stuff for you to mull over.” he says.

 This report is quite interesting, in that the author, reviews his past results ,(from 6 months previous) & makes comparisons,  in an easy, readable format.  He lists his sources. Comments follow, so you decide for yourself, how people feel about his findings. Make what you want of these statistics. Here is his comprehensive report:


Credit: Thanks to Jake Hird who is a Senior Research Analyst for Econsultancy.

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Many thanks to Cameron Chapman, for this extensive and well-written article, about the history of social media,
at DesignerDepot.

See if you recognize some of the precursors of modern day social media. This is a great article for experienced bloggers and newbies alike! Cameron writes for DesignerDepot, & Mashable..

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   Take a good look at this!

 Delicious, Digg, Facebook,Friendfeed, LinkedIn,Mixx, Twitter,Yelp, YouTube…

    Some are exploding over 1 year, from May 2008-May 2009 !

  • Facebook: up ?? %
  • MySpace:  down ?%
  • Twitter:     up  ?? %
  • LinkedIn:  up ??%    Check them out now!

    We have Brian Solis to thank for these important statistics. Check out his very informative article , for stats on user’s age, gender, education, & children here:


   This information will be very useful for business, education, and more.

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Vacation Data

Vacation Data


Kathleen Pender, from the San Francisco Chronicle  offers this timely advice for all vacationers.


Be careful about sharing vacation data online. The less you say, the better.


 Paul Stephens, advances critical information  on his website, about

 credit safety including:

  • credit cards;
  • laptops 
  • online banking
  • cyber cafes
  • & more!         

        Click here:             http://www.privacyrights.org/

Forwarned is forearmed! 

 Be careful, out there, & know who your friends are!  Pass it on!

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