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Kim Komando: Make Wi-Fi network safe for kids The Desert Sun Kim Komando: Make Wi-Fi network safe for kids. For filtering an entire network, the program you want is called OpenDNS Family Shield.

Source: www.desertsun.com Thanks to Kim Komando  (is that her real name?) for this timely tip! We all want cyber safety & security for our kids. She offers excellent tips on her website. See @Coolwired on Twitter. Thanks for visiting! bird_followme


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See on Scoop.itSocial Media: Changing Our World of Education

Additional Internet Safety Resources for the Classroom. Keeping students safe from the risks associated with social media use while helping them work through assignments and develop essential 21st century skills is a …

Coolwired‘s insight:

An excellent, detailed article from emerging technology. Many of these ideas apply to high school students, as well as higher education students.

See on www.emergingedtech.com

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Set up a kid-friendly iPad-just in time for Summer Holidays!

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Before handing over your iPad to a kid, it’s best to do some parental preparation. In this Macworld Video, Scholle Sawyer McFarland offers some tips.

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Here is an excellent site for Parents! Technology is changing so quickly.

Keep your children safe online. 🙂

Thanks to Scholle Sawyer McFarland, Sr. Editor at Macworld.

See on www.macworld.com

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Who needs Information Overload (also known as Filter Failure) ??

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I started using remind101 when it first launched last year. I enjoy how simple and effective the site is to use.Student safety is always a concern. See if you agree with this author’s opinion.

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See on Scoop.it – Social Media: Changing Our World of Education

Here’s our list of apps all students should have on their phones to stay safe on and off campus.

See on mashable.com

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