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Cybersecurity Summary for Parents

Learn how to help your kids use the Internet safely and responsibly…

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Via Scoop.itSocial Media: Changing Our World of Education

Resources for discussing cyber safety issues (Great find: Excellent resource for cyber safety for students, teachers and parents: http://t.co/jmMuHvNF #edutech via @moekerr…)…You can never be too careful! Teach your children how not to be tricked into sharing personal and private information, which could potentially be abused by online predators.
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 We all want our children and teens to be safe, while surfing the net.

Growing up in a digital world makes them susceptible to online predators. This is why good communication skills are so critical.

See also Don Tapscott’s  book: “Grown Up Digital”.


It is better by far, to be more cautious, than careless.”

As classroom teachers are encouraged to teach 21st Century Learning Skills, they must advise their students about the dangers of  the cyber world. Careless or innocent divulging  of their personal information is a potential problem. Read this article very carefully.   http://bit.ly/qjDSeI

I have blogged frequently about this modern day problem- with suggested solutions.

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Credit: ikeepsafe.org/ For Educators

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