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This epic selfie comes to us from Post Media News. It may not be news to some of you, but I think it is worth posting anyway.like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more.


From over 50,000 selfie photos, NASA culled the collection down to 36,000 usable pictures from over 113 different countries & regions. People uploaded their pictures, using social media,

You have to see this for yourself! It is so cool! Here is the link:

nasa.gov/content/goddard/2014-globalselfie-wrap-up/index.html#U3-Q8HbY09v Hint: Click on Snapshots! So cool! Enjoy!






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See on Scoop.itSocial Media: Changing Our World of Education

6 Strategies For Engaging Boys In The Classroom

Coolwired‘s insight:

    Here are six concrete, realistic teaching strategies, geared specifically towards boys. Take a close look at the Infogram. You might be surprised at the results shown there!

See on www.teachthought.com:

No boy left behind

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Via Scoop.itSocial Media: Changing Our World of Education

Yet, in times like ours, when the gulf between the past and future stretches light years, cognitive dissonance ensues when students, teachers and parents try to figure out what technology should be used to bridge this timeline. Be sure to read this thought-provoking article from MindShift!

See if you agree!
Credit: Via mindshift.kqed.org

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Via Scoop.itSocial Media: Changing Our World of Education

Schoox is an Academy for Self-Learners where members can teach, learn and certify their knowledge online. Users can create private or public online courses by using files or web resources incredibly easy and in seconds.
Via www.schoox.com

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         This is a rather controversial topic, today, in Education.

          Some innovative educators argue in favour of student use of social media, citing an increase in communicating, collaborating, and multi-tasking.

          I’m thinking of Don Tapscott and Terry Freedman, among many others.

          Others denounce student use of social media, saying it distracts students too much, and reduces their ability to learn the basics (like concentrating, questioning, thinking, and problem-solving).

What do you think?  Who is right here? Does it affect their chances for college admission and/or future job applications? Feel free to comment.

Credit:Check out this Infographic at


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poo-glooYou probably don’t worry about where your waste water goes, but your kids might!

Take a good look at this cool futurist solution to a dirty problem we all face.

These strange-looking contraptions are called Poo-Gloos. Part of the name resembles “igloos”. You can figure out the other part for yourself 😉

They are a perfect example of cool new inventions for future eco-jobs.

Read this neat little Discovery News article, to find out more about this great solution to a very dirty problem, being researched in Salt Lake City, Utah.


What do you think? Can it work?

Credit:   Alyssa Danigelis writing @ DiscoveryNews.
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Twazzup, Trackur, Social Mention,Tweet Deck…

tracking  your online reputation:

Here comes a timely & very informative article for anyone using social media, & who doesn’t?

Try one of these neat sites. Just type in your own name.

Enjoy! http://bit.ly/cPWad3

Credit: Doriano “Paisano” Carta writing at webworkerdaily.

FYI, I also like spezify.com!

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