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From hackers stealing your bank passwords to rogue public wi-fi connections these are the 25 scariest things you didn’t know about using public wi-fi.

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Be extra careful when using `free` WiFi.

It is not always safe. Read this!

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The 31 Educational Web Tools Every Teacher Should Know about http://t.co/59INLRKX0e #edchat #edtech #msedchat

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Ed Tech: the future is here now!

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With so many high school students owning mobile devices, educators may be missing opportunities by simply banning them .Edutopia posts this excellent article

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                                                                                                                                                                                               Global Education Conference: Coming soon!  November 12-17th/2012.


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A 15-minute podcast on BYOD, covers practical uses, tips, and resources.

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Celly is part of a larger national trend in schools known as “Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT),” in which students are allowed to bring their mobile devices to class. Advocates argue that if young people are already glued to them, then teachers and principals should come up with educational uses for them…Feel free to add your own opinion to this debate!

In September 2011, they rolled out Celly, a text-messaging service that teachers and students can use to make classwork more fun and engaging.

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  How do educators manage a BYOD world?

Whoah!! What is BYOD?

Bring your own device!

How do educators manage a BYOD world? Read this interesting article from :

Dr. Jason Ohler, author of Digital Community, Digital Citizen.

He discusses the  increasing use of technology at work, school, and play. I find that his comments are timely, and accurate , as well as thought-provoking.

      He addresses the following issues:

  • cyber safety
  • on-task learning
  • cost of the “digital divide”
  • lack of individual devices, owned by students
  • teaching procedures: On/Off use

     Classroom teachers already face this reality, on a daily basis, in many high schools, colleges, and universities. Technology can be wonderful, when used wisely, in the hands of a skilled teacher. Welcome to the future!     🙂

Credit: Elemenous.    Thnx for the link!


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