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Coolwired‘s insight:

   Here is a carefully curated collection of outstanding Web 2.0 educational links for you, your students,  and your family.

Be prepared to  immerse yourself in ed tech. Enjoy!

See on www.touchabletechnology.com

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Via Scoop.itSocial Media: Changing Our World of Education

A couple of years ago, Jay Baer wrote a great blog post called ‘The 39 social media tools I’ll use today‘ which was an all-in-one toolkit for social media…”


Adam Vincenzini revisits this article, with great new insights, here: Via thenextweb.com




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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & more.

See if you agree with the writer of this blog post!

There are so many great blog posts. As we all know, the Internet is growing exponentially.

The Information Highway is the original term.

I used to call it a tsunami of  information.Now I deem it to be:

a tsunami of information tsunamis!(Information Overload is becoming a serious problem for many.)

In any case, it is great to find a collection like this! Take your time to explore  it. Add your fav’s, too. Enjoy!

Click here: http://bit.ly/nJoDH2

Credit: Niall Harbison, blogging @ simplyzesty

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    Safety is an important issue for all of us! This critical information is especially crucial for our vulnerable (& often naive)children and young adults.

    Take some time to read this carefully, and share it with all those people who are especially important to you(family/friends/co-workers). You know the old saying:

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

You get the idea. 🙂


Credit: Sue Marquette Poremba writing @

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Count them- 50!

Set aside an evening for this. 😉


Credit: Evan Carmichael, writing @ The Entrepreneur Blog

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VuVox ,  Prezi , Voicethread, Slide.com, WordPress, Ning

                J. Steltz, an 18 year veteran teacher, shares his classroom leap into the use of educational technology. He discusses his letting go of some control, in order to allow his students to explore these new media. He even includes  student work, such as  the slide show on PhotoPeach: “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

See for yourself!  >>> http://bit.ly/d4KL45

If you are interested in 21st Century Learning Skills, then you absolutely must check out his great blog! Here comes the future! Are you ready?

“Here are the rest of the tools, the tools that didn’t make the top 10 list, that were used in my classroom in the past 18 weeks:     (J. Steltz)

Animoto, 280Slides, Scrapblog, Glogster, Wix, Google.docs, SpringNote, WallWisher, WikiSpaces, WetPaint, DabbleBoard, SmileBox, FlipBook, YouTube, TeacherTube, Bomomo, GoAnimate, Gliffy, Webs.com, Mind42, Delicious, ShapeCollage, FamilyEcho, Wordle, Create.ly, and PhotoVisi “.

Credit: JSteltz, teacher, writing his own blog, @ WordPress.com

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Back to the future? Yes!!


There’s an app for that!  Famous words…

An app for night vision? An app for vertigo? iPads embedded in the kitchen? Yes! Bring it on!

I can’t wait to see what the future brings. 🙂

See for yourself! http://bit.ly/b4g63P

Credit: Aaron Hoover-Florida, writing @ Futurity.

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