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Images of devastation in Haiti dominated news media, in 2010!

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  1. Haiti- a race against time !

This amazing report comes to us from the Boston Globe. We can only guess and imagine the horror felt by Haitians, during and after the devastating earthquake, there.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. I agree. Take a look at these shocking photos, for yourself. I warn you that some pics are very difficult to view.


Photo credits: Reuters; American Red Cross; Getty Images; AP Photos; & more.


2. Haiti: Finding Missing People

The New York Times posted an interactive site to help people find missing relatives here:



   3. Mobile Emergency Preparedness

My other relevant blog post is this one, about the critical importance of mobile emergency preparedness. This is becoming more important every day. Whether it be during a winter snow storm or an every-day auto accident, social media  can be a life-saver ( literally)!

Credit: Mollie Vandor, Mashable

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Audio player, Viper Video, Calendar, WP Mobile, Tools, Widgets…


There are so many great  tips and tricks for bloggers here! Some are free (we all like free, right?), and some are not.

# 20 is very important.

This author includes her readers’ comments for you, as well. You may need a good chunk of your weekend to go through all this info. You can thank me later! 🙂

Go get them now:


Credit: Denise Wakeman, writing @socialmediaexaminer

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Beginner’s Guide to Facebook:

attrition; demographics; page views & more!

Check out this great guide!


Credit: Ekaterina  Walter, writing @ Mashable

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 Cyberbullying does exist . Beware!

  • How do you prepare children and teens for the ubiquitous cyber world, better known as cyberspace?
  • You want them to be safe, while surfing the net.
  • You want them to avoid the pitfalls and dangers which quietly lurk there.

        You need to teach them now!

       Here is a timely article with appropriate techniques for helping parents to deal with this insidious crime:


Credit:Jessica Toothman, writing @ The Learning Channel, How Stuff Works

It discusses some threatening methods used by cyberbullies, such as:

  • rumors
  • stalking
  • text messages
  • e-mails
  • photos

 As the song  by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young says: “Teach your children well…” 

This alternate link is for helping  Teachers:


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Social Media is exploding exponentially!

     It is changing our lives dramatically, in business and in our personal lives. People are social animals. They like to broadcast their lives for the world to see, hence the rise of the Blogosphere.

      Children may have  digital personas, even before they are born. Case in point: Mothers might post ultrasound images of their unborn children. Proud parents? Yes.  Invasion of privacy?  Maybe?

     Do parents really want solicitations from unscrupulous companies, trying to sell them everything from photos to Educational Saving Plans?  Who is to say what is appropriate?   

      Just listen to sociologist, Brian Solis, in this YouTube interview,  entitled REVOLUTION, with Katie Kouric, from CBS  News here:


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Quora, Hipmunk, SeeismicDesktop2,Flipboard


Quora is pretty easy to use! I have signed up for that one.  I like the use of higher questioning  and thinking skills, by ordinary (& some not so ordinary) people.  🙂  It makes me feel that there are still some amazing  thinkers out there; like the TED series.

     It’s not true, that all this technology is “dumbing down” our young people! See Don Tapscott’s Grown Up Digital” to find out more about this. His research studies indicate the exact opposite. Young people are learning in ever new and more exciting ways. They are able to flip back & forth, between mobile devices, texting, & news updates,  with the greatest of ease. They need to be ready to take on the new jobs- some of which are not even invented yet!

Talk about pressure.  😦  I find it fascinating! You see, there are not enough hours in the day, to keep up with all this new tech stuff.

Feeling overwhelmed? You are not alone. The Information Highway has long ago, become a tsunami of information. I call it Info2Go. It is in a constant state of flux:coming/going/rising/falling/twisting and turning. We are all in a state of transition.

Wasn’t it like that after the first Industrial Revolution?

I say we are in a new Industrial and Educational Revolution!Change is everywhere , & this is just the beginning!

Have you tried Hipmunk for your flights, yet?


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 Social Media, Global Learning, Probes, Multimedia, Virtual Manipulatives are all here!

    Collaboration is all the rage these days. Students love to collaborate using the latest technological advances, in applications like Google Docs, and Wikis. Groups are set up, which have unique cloudspace data storage, and communication capabilities.

     Security is obviously a concern here.

      New technology brings challenges, just as the use of early telephones did. The exciting transmission of the human voice was overwhelming for many, back then. It didn’t take long for people to get accustomed to telecommunicating,  for business and personal use. How times have changed!

       Granted, there will always be someone who abuses the technology ( just like with guns). Telephones have been used to make crank calls. Now cyber bullying and threats do happen. Parents and teachers have to be extra vigilant about this.

      However, I believe, the benefits far outweigh the risks! Making learning fun is the first prerequisite for our young people. Enabling interactive posters to display student work is a magnet for students. They love to broadcast and share what they learn and believe. Brightly-colored graphics, great YouTube videos, and current  iPod music downloads all add to the  fun! Glogster is a prime example of this. Even Grade 4 students are using it!

      E-books and mobiles are everywhere. What a great time to be a student!

       Check out this timely article: http://on.mash.to/iag0p8

Credit: Sarah Kessler, writing @Mashable.com.

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