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With all this hot weather, north & south of the border, I think it is high time you take another look at this excellent Guest Post from Sudeep Chitnis. He discusses several thirst-quenching drinks, for your summer pleasure.

N.B.Remember to keep yourself hydrated, during these extreme heat days!

Thanks again, Sudeep!


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Saved Passwords? How many do you have?

Friendfeed? Google Chrome? Twitter?

Beware of giving out your info to 3rd party entities!

This might be a good time, for some good old-fashioned Spring Cleaning!

Don’t worry. I’m talking about cleaning up your passwords. 🙂

Here are some great tips about cleaning up saved passwords for:

  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari

Check it out!   http://bit.ly/b5WxBe

Credit: Thanks to Mike Haydon, for these helpful hints!


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Mobile Internet

      Look closer at the above 2009 stats infographic!

       Here are some very interesting facts put together in this easy-to- follow infographic, about something that has transformed our lives forever: ie; the Internet. It includes statistics about gender, age, computer ownership, education & more. See where you fit into this web of information.


Credit: Focus.com report: Akami State of the Internet Q3 09


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Key tools every learning professional should have in his/her toolbox

You will need to join a NING, in order to comment on these tools.

This is the amazing 2009 version of this popular resource -worldwide.

It includes  an index, links, & tutorials.

Be prepared to spend some “quality time” here:


Credit: Learning Tools Compendium

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From: alatechsource.org    Thanks for this!

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 Check this out! Merry Christmas!


Thanks to Speckyboy for this!

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Thanks to Larry Brauner  for this great post!


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