A good summary/overview of CC licenses and use for photos.

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Very informative Infographic!

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Google tips and tricks presentation to educators on Nov. 6, 2014 at BIT14 (ECOO) in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada.

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For those who could not attend this IT Educational Conference:

we are always learning new things about Google, to use with our students. Isn`t technology wonderful? Enjoy!


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Epic Selfie From NASA

This epic selfie comes to us from Post Media News. It may not be news to some of you, but I think it is worth posting anyway.like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more.


From over 50,000 selfie photos, NASA culled the collection down to 36,000 usable pictures from over 113 different countries & regions. People uploaded their pictures, using social media,

You have to see this for yourself! It is so cool! Here is the link:

nasa.gov/content/goddard/2014-globalselfie-wrap-up/index.html#U3-Q8HbY09v Hint: Click on Snapshots! So cool! Enjoy!





Best EdTech of 2014

Common Sense Graphite editors and reviewers rated and reviewed hundreds of learning tools in 2014, using our research-backed rubric and rigorous evaluative process.

Source: www.graphite.org

This is a great time-saver. Happy New Year!

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Here’s a look into the crystal ball at five ways social media will (likely) evolve in 2015.

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I am always looking to the future!

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This term I have been working with upper Key Stage 2 pupils to develop interactive adventure style games in Book Creator. One of the features of the app is it allows you to link objects such as images and text to other pages within the book. For images, tap on the image to select it, then tap on the Info icon and use the hyperlink box to type in the page number. For text, highlight the text withIn the text box and you will see a hyperlink option.

This has enabled us to create games where choices, questions and decisions are asked of the user/player throughout. We have then used this as a stimulus for writing, not only creatively but also instruction and advertising. Above are a few screen shots of an example book I made but I didn’t want to show the pupils too much as I wanted them to come up with their own ideas.

Digital Story creation challenge! Enjoy! :-)

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To evaluate the bonanza of apps, games, and websites that claim to have educational value, Common Sense Media, a non-profit organization best known for rating commercial media for age-level appropriateness, has developed a new rating system called…

Source: blogs.kqed.org

This timely article gives some valuable tips and insights for parents and teachers alike.

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